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Hi everyone, So first off have to say I've been playing this beta for a few weeks and been loving it. Just wanted to ask when we'll be seeing an options or settings menu? Having some sound options such as muting music or in-game sounds, as well as turning of click-to-walk would be greatly appreciated.Please comment with more suggestions for settings changes.

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For what I've heard, there used to be one and they took it out for reasons only Wilson knows (probably because they kept changing very basic and core things around a lot and the options kinda broke often).

They've said that they'll bring back, eventually, the sound and resolution options. Also, someone asked for having the "hold click to harvest" thing removed, and the rest of use suggested it should be an option, much like you "click-to-walk" suggestion. Let's make a list!

[*][------|------] Volume of SFX

[*][----|--------] Volume of Music

[*][1680x1050] Resolution

[*][_] Fullscreen

[*][_] Click/Hold to walk

[*][_] Click/Hold to gather resources

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