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Future Update Wish List

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Hello everyone, been playing this game for a few weeks now, clocked up about 70 hours played so far, tried several different maps and different games (even dieing on purpose to start over) and i'm really enjoying it. I thought I would post my thoughts and wishes of what I would like to see put into the game through updates and see the community opinions on my ideas and ideas of their own.

1. Horses, or some kind mountable animal. Could increase movement speed across the map. (or even running boots)

2. Cattle, Goats, Sheeps or Chickens. Give us more long term farm-able stuff in our base.

3. Mud, Stone or Wood walls. To mark out our base, provide defenses over the enemy.

4. Longer day time. If I had my way I would like to see the daytime doubled. It just seems to little time to really get a task done within a day before it turns to night and i'm running back to my base with a torch, paranoid i'm going to

get jumped by some mean old hounds.

5. Different Gems, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire

6. Bear caves, don't mess with the adult grizzly. But kill her, kidnap the Bear Cub, feed it and will turn into a very powerful companion rdy to assist in killing them damn spiders.

7. More weapons, Swords and Shields, Bow and Arrows, a ******* musket?!

8. Give pigs weapons, armor and some bad ass war paint when they join your company. (I want a unstoppable pig army)

9. Apple / Fruit Bearing trees, Different kinds of Pine cones, Lemon, Apple, Pineapple Trees, Grape Vines.

10. Herbs found around the map. Used for cooking and / or healing.

11. Ok I might be pushing this one.. ******* Magic, Fire spells, mind control spells, summon spiders.

Ok thats my brainstorm, would love to hear what people think and other ideas that people want to be seen brought into the game

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Oh nice ideas (and welcome), would make the game great. I love the 'farming side' of the game (make base, get/upgrade/research a lot of stuff).

About the magic, I'm pretty sure that it will be in the game (look at the Unimplemented/Speculated Characters, some of them are really "magic-friendly"), but I don't think that will be common magic like fire ball or so...

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