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  1. food must put in ice box? because if fresh,they are green etc.. Nice update guys!
  2. Future Update Wish List

    Great ideas man! realy great!
  3. I just wondering, am i maybe the first who got this ?
  4. Thank you! I just was lucky.. ) That was 4th Krampus summoned and drop it bag..
  5. Yes wolfinj,works...werepig drop 100% pig skin.. thank you!
  6. Is it something new,after patch or maybe some bug?
  7. I found on twitch site..Some1 streaming and i look - wow!
  8. How to beat tree guardian

    look this way
  9. Sleeping Hounds

    this is nice video how to sleep treeguards
  10. Help!!

    where u set steam safe game - on cloud or u computer?