[W] GOH Willow [H] Some Popular Steam Games

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So I really want GOH Willow and I don't have enough time to play for it right now because of college coursework. I'm willing to trade one (1) of these games in exchange for GOH Willow PLUS something else schmancy fancy of your choice. It doesn't have to be a super special item, but don't offer me a regular t-shirt... So to simplify, for GOH Willow + Some other uncommon item, you can get:

  • Terraria,
  • Broforce (This game is amazing), OR
  • Battleblock Theater

If you only want to trade away GOH Willow and no other items, I'm offering these games

  • Garry's Mod
  • Risk Of Rain
  • Postal 2 (NOT PORTAL 2. Offering POSTAL 2. Don't do this one unless you know you want it... it's a very... peculiar game.)

I do also have Tabletop Simulator that I'm willing to trade specifically for GOH Willow & GOH Wendy together. You can also get 2 of the games from the first list if you offer GOH Willow & Wendy, just lemme know what it is you want when making the offer.

Willing to barter around a tiny bit so if you come up with some offer combining any of the things I've listed here, I'll take it so long as I like what you're giving.

Steam Trade Link

Note: If you make me an offer through Steam first, please drop a message in response to this post or message me personally as well. There's a pretty big chance I'll miss an offer on steam itself if I'm not notified of it here. Thanks!


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