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  1. Whoops my bad, it's 2 willows. I tend to just doodle stuff on a page without paying attention to how the separate things might actually pair together. It's just 2 separate doodles that happen to be next to eachother on the same page my badddd haha
  2. thanks all : ) here's a quick warmup I did in photoshop to get used to using my tablet again; had stopped for about a month also something I doodled in my little brothers notebook. this topic should just be called "sometimes i draw willow. thats it. just willow." Im considering buying a drawing tablet that has a screen. I've heard and seen great things about the Ugee 2150, and since I've got a job this summer thats paying pretty well, i have the money to drop on it. I want it primarily for the heightened accuracy, convenience, and because it will function as an extra monitor. Anybody got thoughts on this?
  3. okay so... hi everybody so I have a girlfriend and was doing final exams and ive been working on a lot of music stuff and also trying to program a game and a big part of why I started drawing again (when i first started this topic) so much is cuz I had a lot of free time after my last girlfriend dumped me so now I have a girlfriend again + a lot of other projects. Basically, ive been very busy. And also i haven't played much Don't Starve, so I lack that motivation to draw specifically DS stuff. but now its summer and things have cooled down until my internship which starts in 2 weeks. So i guess I just wanted to stop by and say hello maybe ill make a bunch of stuff soon. Maybe ill make nothing at all. Most likely ill just make a few things every now and then so yeah just wanted to say hi and that im still alive and im back (as in im present again. im not necessarily drawing again but i would like to)
  4. I feel bad cuz I haven't made a drawing for this topic in a while. Being honest, I've just had no motivation to draw anything DS related. I think it's because I recently watched all of the currently released episodes of Steven Universe in the span of 3 days (these are work-filled school days, mind you). Point being, I'm kinda obsessed with that show at the moment. I've always had a thing for female protagonists, and literally every regularly appearing character besides Steven and Greg are female protagonists. PLUS, Rebecca sugar is both an artistic and musical genius. She's the mastermind behind most of my favorite Adventure Time songs as well, which I'm pretty sure was her first big-time animation/story writing job. I'm glad it blossomed and opened up the chance for her to make her own show! Lapis is my favorite So yeah, I still haven't drawn anything for y'all. Sorry : ^ ( ...A few stray willows here and there, but nothing worth actually putting up. I'm sure once the motivation comes back, it'll be a huge burst of just DS stuff fo' dayzzzz in the meantime, have a drawing that I made just now for my Art class. It's not the final version, but I'm planning on keeping the product relatively close to how this looks (minus the part about ambrosia. But damn, I really want ambrosia a LOT right now).
  5. i want a divorce edit: I gave it some though, and now that it's 5 minutes later I've rescinded my comment. It was a heated argument, and I've just had a lot of work at the office lately and I'm worried about our son's grades, and I just... can you ever forgive me, hun? If you take me back, we'll go get those Olive Garden bread sticks you love! @LiptonPee
  6. 0/10; didn't use the Willow valentine <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  7. Glad to see you back! Everything is looking so fantastic And I love the concept stuff in the spoiler tag too! Y'know I hadn't noticed before, but it looks like you draw using pencil, which I am jealous of. I can draw alright with a pen, but the moment I pick up a pencil, it's a catastrophe... Is your outlining also in pencil, or is that pen? Also, just one more thing. That logo at the bottom?... just saying :^X :^X <3
  8. thank you <3 ur nice comMent m@de me cri a valentinne 4 u Messaged you about it, thanks Today is Friday and I haven't slept well all week! You guys know what that means? I'M NOT GONNA SLEEP WELL THIS WEEKEND EITHER BECAUSE I STARTED PLAYING FALLOUT 4 AGAIN YAYYYYY YAYYYYYYsomebody help meYYYYYYYYend me nowYYYYYYYthe pain is too much to handleYYYYYYYwake me upYYYYYYY(can't wake up)YYYY! I'll try to draw some stuff either tonight or tomorrow at some point. My art teacher told me I should be practicing my drawing every day, but she didn't tell me what to practice drawing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. but that's the beauty of it it remains filthy even when W-ified :^)
  11. Been a bit since a did a do. Diddling a doodle for yoodles, toodles. Toodles as in it's probably gonna be another week before you guys get another picture out of me because I'm a jerk college actually gets hard your junior year. All you pre-juniors take note. Unless you're studying any kinda science or med. Then I feel sorry for your irrational decision to cause yourself such pain with such a painful major. Also if you're in highschool still, listen to me; don't do medicine. Or econ. In fact, only do Computer Science and Art. Because those are the only majors I can actually speak for. can college be over? also to anybody who isn't from the US, Junior year is the 3rd year of university can you tell I started watching Filthy Frank, b0ss?
  12. That's absolutely horrible! I'm sorry to hear about that, I hope you get your phone and sickness sorted out soon. As for the relationship, I know it probably hurts a lot, especially for something as long as 2 years. You and I don't personally know each other, but I got dumped from a similarly-long relationship almost exactly a year ago, so if you wanna talk and let your feelings out while we both binge on ice cream (or if you just need somebody to be a sounding board/vent to), by all means feel free to message me <3 And no worries about the drawings, either. You do you first. As great as they are and as much as I love seeing them, I understand how much it sucks to draw when you just aren't in the mood for it, and I think we can all understand if you're not in the mood for it right now. Thanks for keeping us updated Hoping you feel better soon! i made this to give you a chuckle during your hard times, please don't think I'm making fun of you <3
  13. "and then he died the end" I'm absolutely charmed by all of these drawings! That poor pig doesn't stand a chance, everybody knows Willow is the very best like no one ever was to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause
  14. school started again and I started playing more DS and I really want GOH Willow... but still, all the drops I've got so far have been pretty lucky. I actually haven't got many of the common drops EDIT: Needed to add something that isn't Willow to the thread for once, have so wilson being weird