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[MOD] Time Your Own Boss

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Allows you to set the amount of day-cycles, before bosses start to arrive. You can even make them be able to spawn at day 1! 

Link to Steam DS/RoG/SW version

Link to Steam DST version

Settings Information

You can set the amount of days in the following increments: 
1-100 days in increments of 1 
100-200 days in increments of 10 
and a special option of 1 million days. 

Usage notes

a. It will NOT despawn already spawned bosses. 
b. There are several variables that factor in, when the game decides which boss to spawn and when. This just sets one of those, albeit the most important one. I cannot guarantee that a boss arrives at the exact day you choose! The season decides which boss is spawned. 
c. Does NOT require you to make a new world before taking effect. 
d. This mod only works if the host of the server has enabled it. 
e. When using this mod as a host, this will apply to all the players on the server. 

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