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Adjusting hurt rates for character mod

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I'm thinking about making a character mod with these main perks:

*heats up quickly, cools down slowly (also includes a sanity drop when overheating or starving, but a lower hurt rate when freezing, starving or overheating)

*hates being uncomfortable (hence the sanity drop)


More complicated, but I also wanted to adjust the effects of picking evil flowers. I was thinking of giving them a higher negative sanity aura for her but a lower sanity penalty for picking them.


and, but only if I can get the rest to work, I was wondering if it's possible to increase following distance for mosquito mobs for this character.

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1 hour ago, Maris said:

This is last step of making a character. First create all art and basic scripts. Then anyone will help you. :)

I mean, what component values would I apply? I know how to do pretty much everything else.

should I just look at components in the base game files and apply what seems to work?

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