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[MOD] Long-range Research


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Lets you set two ranges from which you can use the research-machines; Normal and Long. You can then apply one of these settings to each type of machine.

Link to Steam DS/RoG/SW version

Link to Steam DST version

Settings Information

'Long range' can be between 4 and 5000, with several increments! 'Normal range' can be between 2 and 20. Game default is 4. 

A word of caution!!!

BE CAREFUL setting the range too high! During testing, a range of 10000 made my computer lag a lot, so I removed that option. 5000 doesn't lag on my computer, but it might on yours. 
The number of prototyping machines on the map does NOT matter. 

Usage notes

a. Does NOT require you to make a new world before taking effect.
b. Only one prototyper can be "active" in the game at once, meaning only one of the prototypers within your range, will be running its animation. This is a game limitation, and fixing it, will mean changing too many classes.

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