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[MOD] Temperature Tuner

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Let's you tune 26 different aspects of player temperatures!

Link to Steam DS/RoG/SW version
Link to Steam DST version 

Settings Information

- Minimum and maximum player temperatures. 
- Freezing- and overheating-temperatures 
- Overall positive temperature multiplier (affects you, if your overall temperature change is positive) 
- Overall negative temperature multiplier (affects you, if your overall temperature change is negative) 
- Equipment effects (exo and endo separately!) 
- Inventory item effects (exo and endo separately!) 
- Backpack item effects (exo and endo separately!) 
- World entity effects e.g. firepits (exo and endo separately!) 
- Wetness heating penalty percentage 
- Wetness cooling penalty percentage 
- Summer insulation effect percentage 
- Winter insulation effect percentage 
- Overheating health penalty 
- Freezing health penalty 
- Shelter cooling effect (tree shade and caves) 
- Shelter target temperature 
- Belly temperature effect

NOTE: The 'Maximum Player Temperature' setting defaults to 90, because both RoG and SW use that temperature, while DS only uses a heat cap of 40. 

Please do report any bugs :D

Usage notes

a. Does NOT require you to make a new world before taking effect.
b. This mod only works if the host of the server has enabled it. 
c. When using this mod as a host, this will apply to all the players on the server. 
d. When using a dedicated server, enabling/disabling this mod requires a respawn of all players or a server restart. 

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