[Bug Report] Crawling Horror Can't Cross Over Sea to Land


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In other versions of Don't Starve, these Shadow Creatures aren't obstructed by anything and can always easily pathfind their way to you through a maze of walls. In the video below, this one Crawling Horror can't cross over from sea to land upon reappearing on sea after being attacked a few times. I would surmise that the same would still happen if the positions were reversed, if I went to sea and hit this Crawling Horror and it reappears on land it won't be able to crawl its way to me again. 


If this is intended, then ignore this post. Cheers.

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I'm guessing it's not intended... well, I think it's intended for Crawling horrors to not be able to pass through water as we have a water-based nightmare already:


So I guess what's supposed to happen is that the Crawling Horror and Terror Beak can't pass through the divide into the sea as the one in the sea can't pass into land... so yeah.. spawning issue?

PS: I see Mister Skits on the water so... yeah... O__O

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@Asparagus yeah figured that was the case, since we already have Nessie on sea. The Crawling Horror in the video above appeared on land first and only reappeared out in the shallow waters after I attacked it a few times. It's the randomized reappearing mechanic that made the video possible. Cheers.

P.S. Mister Skits is... a special kind of shadow. heh.

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