[Bug Report] Night Light doesn't emit light anymore.

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Like many times before I crafted my Night Light,

to make use of those 120 nightmare fuels I gathered with my Guts Mod

(he has only 40 sanity and is insane all the time, so I bath in fuel)




my good ol Night Light doesn't produce light anymore,

so I am still proud of my Night Light, but it doesn't do anything now.

What is a real shame, because it was the best item in the game before.


Please dear people from Klei and Capy,

save my little Night Light and make it usefull again.


Thanks. ^^


post-680894-0-42134100-1451414012.png  "Please Klei make me OP again."




I tested it without my Guts Mod (without any mod at all)

and it still doesn't work, no insanity aura, no light, but it will consume nightmare fuel.

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Looks like the last update changed the master list of prefab files. The culprit is scripts/prefablist.lua, which is now missing "nightlight_flame", causing the Night Light to break when it tries to spawn one. Add it back in and the Night Light functions as expected:

  "mushtree",  "nightlight",  "nightlight_flame",  "nightmare_timepiece",  "nightmarecreature",


BROKEN! Devs, the following prefab files were removed from the list and are required for the game to function correctly:

  • nightlight_flame - The fire on Night Light.
  • paired_maxwelllight - Defines prefabs horizontal_maxwelllight, quad_maxwelllight and vertical_maxwelllght, used to spawn groups of Maxwell Lights for the epilogue of Adventure mode.


These prefab files were also removed, but aren't needed:

  • brokenwalls - Defines prefabs brokenwall_grass, brokenwell_ruins, brokenwall_stone and brokenwall_wood. This seems to be deprecated in favor of walls.lua, which has brokenness built-in.
  • devtool - A debugging tool capable of performing any kind of work.
  • phonograph - Defines prefabs phonograph_box, phonograph_complete, phonograph_cone, phonograph_crank and phonograph_gears. Unfinished items that appear to be a precursor to the teleportato.
  • researchmachine - A deprecated file with no contents. Superseded by scienceprototyper.lua and magicprototyper.lua.
  • ruin - A deprecated file with no contents. Was apparently the original world prefab for ruins, which is currently built on the caves prefab.
  • stairs - Defines prefab cave_stairs. Looks like a partial port of the Don't Starve Together cave entrance/exit setup.
  • tree_clump - Defines prefab treeclump, which is... a clump of trees. Doesn't do anything but get in the way.
  • unlockable_players - Doesn't directly define any prefabs. I haven't looked at it enough to see what it does.


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