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Can't Start Fires

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I'm sorry if I'm reposting this, but I did a couple searches and couldn't find the answer in the forum or patch notes. I am unable to start trees on fire. I have tried several ways, including the ways posted in the Don't Starve Wiki. The game does not allow me to. For example - if I have a torch and click on a tree it simply says something like, "This looks like it would burn." The only time I have ever been able to set a tree on fire was when I killed a firehound? and its death caught a nearby tree. As a result I have not been able to collect any charcoal. Is this a bug, am I doing it wrong, or is it something else?

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Place a campfire near trees and throw fuel like a mad. Soon your fire will get out of control and fire up everything around (not only trees but everything flammable includes you if you get too close)

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how to make fire step by step

1. get soem wood and grass

2. go into the light menu

3.click campfire

4. place campfire.

5. cook bacon

As a fellow baconthusiast, I must point out that you missed the most important step.

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