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  1. I did take a break - but I'm back to playing again with the new update. Day 13 on World 1. Already the start of winter. More than enough time to do a lot of exploring, but I probably would have preferred a little more time? Maybe not. Also, the map is giant. I'm sure this is bigger than previous maps I've explored. There's so much new stuff. I think at this point I've found a little bit of everything so far. I've got to get better at going crazy. I'll update once I've fully explored this world.
  2. And death by bees. But basically starvation. Day 4 of World 5. No berries. No carrots. A few fishing ponds in swamp land. A few pigs (probably would have been safer and smarter to attack them than the bees). I explored a decent portion of the map for 4 days - it was constant exploring even at night with the miner's hat. What really killed me is they appeared to have messed with the drop rate on birds for the final world. I was killing five just to get one meat. I was starving faster than I could kill birds with a boomerang. Or at least staying even. To be honest. Death was a mistake. I had a few better and safer options, but I wasn't thinking and playing to risky. I was down to ten hunger and fifty health.More spiders than I have ever seen before. It's sad dying after so many hours. I had two amulets and I didn't even equip them. Perhaps they should be automatic if they are in your inventory? The death penalty for a game this long is extreme and somewhat disheartening considering how easy it is to die by making a simple mistake. Literally I went from nearly starving but otherwise fine with no real threat to my heath besides starvation to dead in thirty seconds essentially losing four to five hours and this was completely preventable but I forgot to equip the amulet. I will play the game again, but probably not for a couple days - maybe not until the next update. I do like the increase in difficulty. I think everything is almost just right. However, my main take away besides that from this play through is the above paragraph. Maybe this is just my initial reaction, but if the game is set up to tank hours worth of play in seconds, there should be some type of warning. Perhaps it should be slightly harder to die quickly (not to die, just the speed at which it happens) or it should be slightly easier to prevent a final death (i.e. amulets working automatically if you have one). While it is a little cheesy, even slowing the game speed down right before death would have saved me here as it would have given me time to realize what was happening (I was dead before I realized I was in danger of dying) and click on the amulet. Just some thoughts. Maybe I will feel differently in a day or two.
  3. And day 12 on World 4 it becomes winter. Which apparently means 75% night, two tiny slivers of evening, and two tiny slivers of day. I don't think this was a bug. If it were my second time through I might have stuck around to see if I could handle it. Since I just want to make it through, I left. World 5 it is. Day 1 surrounded by stone campfires all ablaze. It appears to be winter from the day/night ratio. I think I could handle 75% night in summer. I'm not sure what it would be like in winter. If anyone has experienced this and survived for any amount of time, please let me know.
  4. World 4 - Not winter. Yet. Have found all the parts by day 11 and have explored the entire map. There are no trees at all. The portion of the map farthest away from me had around 20 wood just lying on the ground and near where I started there was a stone pit already built. Large, large swamp and Savannah areas. More tentacles than I have ever seen before. Maybe 20 per screen without exaggeration. I spent three days exploring the swamp area and lost a lot of sanity and nearly all my health. I came into the world with 20 wood and found the other 20 which was good because I had to rebuild my armor to survive all the hits I got from the tentacles. I built a few stone pits myself and otherwise used torches or miner hats to go through the night. Lots of beefalo this time around. First hound attack (only 2) on day 11. No tall birds. No carrots or berry bushes in first half of the map. Swamps had 50+ spider nests. There was a good size pig village but no pig king. The pig village was next to a rock area and about 20 spider nests. Fortunately, I just hired the pigs and we cleared them out in a day. I found the base for a walrus hunter's hut. I also found some charcoal on the ground near where I started. There was also one swamp area where a number of warrior spiders were sleeping outside along with a few regular spiders. There were no nests in the area and they appeared to start this way (this swamp area was a wide bridge between two other areas). Two main islands connected by wormholes. Have just come out of 60+ continuous days of winter, this was a nice change. However, I do think there should be more challenges during summer beyond lack of a specific resources (though lack of trees was interesting for a change. Had I come in without wood, it would have made that world very, very interesting. I could have made it before winter. During winter? I'm not sure.). Without winter the passivity of enemies means there is literally nothing to do but run around and explore. Especially past World 1 where you come into the world with supplies, there is nothing that can stop me. Ways this could be made more interesting would be to eliminate specific resources when going through wormholes depending on the world - for instance this world could have burned up all my wood. Or maybe there needs to be some summer specific behavior that causes animals to target you more aggressively. Exploring the swamps was the most fun - where danger was actually present. The amount of spider nests and tentacles made surviving there significantly more difficult than surviving normal winter.
  5. Day 25ish. Finally found all the parts and I am debating on whether to leave the world immediately or not. No tall birds or beefalo so far though finally a good swamp biome. I finally have reeds and spikes. I've explored about 90%. It's still winter. After over 60 days of continuous winter across three worlds I won't say it's too easy. Though it also isn't too hard (for someone who has put about 50+ hours in). Really though, I wish it was summer. Even for ten days would be nice because winter is getting monotonous. There are other ways to may the game hard. I don't think every world should be an all winter world, or even an extended winter world. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw. I will post again once I've moved on to world four. I would have died at one point had I not carried a miners hat with me at all times. I was camping out in the rather large swamp area with around six level three spider dens on all sides. It was night and the spiders were out attacking the spike tails. One of them came after me and I accidentally hit it while trying to pick up my back back (which was off so I could wear the armor - don't take chances camping in a swamp). I would have been mobbed by thirty plus spiders if I hadn't equipped the miner hat and run. Also - haven't had any hounds in the last ten days, and still no deerclops despite having spent 25 days in winter and explored 90% of the island while it was winter. Is there something that triggers them?
  6. The reason I decided to stock up on world one (only spent forty days there) was to bring resources with me into the next world. This hasn't been the case yet, and maybe it won't be, but I certainly thought from the notes that there was a possibility you would make it to a world without stone, or trees, or some other vital resources and have therefore always carried through the portal enough to make it to the world after in case that was going to happen. I'm also slightly worried I'm going to make it to an always night world.While I haven't tried this, my guess is if you could work through the night (a.k.a. Miners Hat or Torch) you could probably fully explore a world in less than ten days, and chances are you would find all the pieces before that. Some people appear to be doing this. I'm not going to because it doesn't sound fun - though I'm not sure I would want to do something to remove this as an option as a world that required speed to complete due to a scarcity of resources might be interesting.
  7. This is why there should be a location penalty of some type. However, there really is no reason you have to stay in your base during winter. It is completely possible to be nomadic and play without a base in either winter or summer.
  8. World 3 so far. Winter started on day 2 - currently day 15. As a result have been unable to explore as much as I would like. Forest, grass land, brush, and rock areas but no beefalo yet. Encountered and killed one walrus hunting party with hired pigs. Got the blue gem and made an ice staff. Far, far more spiders. Have killed over fifteen nests so far and a few are already level three. I'm probably just going to burn them to the ground. There is a pig king and a pig village of sorts. There's about eight houses in a grass area about four screens by four screens wide. Two wormholes I haven't checked out yet. Primary food source has been carrots, berries, a few birds and rabbits, and two winter Koalefants. As soon as I killed the first one a spider came and ate trunk (literally less than three seconds as I was fighting near a nest in the evening). This has provided a large part of my food source and I was able get the trunk from the second Koalefant so I have the vest now as well. Two waves of hounds already. Three in first set five in the second. First set defeated with bee bomb. Second set defeated with bee bomb and ice staff. Lots of graves so I have access to as much gold as I want and have found two amulets. I've got four stone pits scattered around and a storage box and ice chest at two of them. Sanity isn't even close to being a problem with pigs and meat. Not bad, but I would prefer to deal with a total lack of important resources than deal with another endless winter. Still, after a collective 15 days of winter in World 1, 27 days of winter in World 2, and almost 15 days in World 3 haven't seen the Deerclops yet.
  9. Are people playing adventure mode? What's the farthest you've made it and what type of effects are you noticing as you go forward?I've played through World 1 and World 2. World 1 seemed normal except for it had a very, very small marsh section. World 2 had almost no pigs, no beefallos at all, no pig king, no marshes (except for two sections that took up a quarter of my screen and contained two tentacles) and winter started around day 11 and lasted until day 37 when it left for World 3. It was still going strong. I just gave up. Additionally, World 2 had three separate islands. A starting island which was large, and very small middle island, and a third island which was large. These islands were connected by wormholes - meaning a minimum of two jumps to from the first to third island. I haven't played in World 3 long enough to know if anything is different.
  10. Same. Sometimes it goes away. Some times it doesn't. Since it doesn't spread very fast anymore it doesn't really bother me.
  11. I never built a base.After nearly thirty days of winter I finally gave up and moved on to World 3. There were little to no pigs in World 2 (maybe a grand total of 10 houses scattered throughout the world?), and not knowing winter would come on so early (day 11 I think?) I was looking for a pig village, so I never set up a base. I had stone pits scattered over the world (which I fully explored - also little swamp lands so no reeds and no spike sticks) and two of the stone pits set up next to connected wormholes had an ice box, a storage chest, and a crock-pot. One had a science machine and one had a thermometer (I had researched most items in World 1). I didn't spend much time at either of them. I finally moved on around day 37. Just couldn't take it anymore. I would prefer to live in a swamp world. At least in all that time I had no deerclops and no walrus hunter come after me. I dealt with the hounds through bee-bombs, bee biomes, and mosquitoes.
  12. Build a fire. They will generally gather around it. I have noticed the amount of time they follow you appears to be less in this update. This means you have to feed them more. I am feeding them about once a day now if I want constant followers.
  13. Cluster groupings is actually a sign of randomness. If everything was evenly spaced, it would not be random. I have yet to find one myself - been through two winters (one in world 1, one in world 2). Are they like hounds in that they increase in appearance the longer you have survived?
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title Music Box Sound Glitch Steps to reproduce On world 2 insanity hands going for my fire got it and went away but the music box still played. Describe your issue On world 2 insanity hands going for my fire got it and went away but the music box still played. It has been more than a game week and whenever I go back there, even during the day, the music box starts playing again. I believe it was during the transition from night to day but I'm not sure. In other words, I think the hands got the fire right as it turned to day. Again though, I'm not sure. I also haven't tested it to see if the issue is still there after saving and exiting.