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Custom blinkistaff animation?

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Hi! I'd like to make my own animation when using an item that acts like an orange staff. How can I do this? Where do I need to add any kind of code? And how can I access a spriter project for it?


I'll do the animation without a problem, I just need the stuff to get started. The animation would require to make my character and the held item to move.


FYI : The way such an item is able to "telepoof" is by simply adding the component "blinkstaff".


Thank you :-)

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You need to make the animation with spriter by using the extended sample character and adding the missing "swap_" symbols.


Then you need to add a state to the wilson stategraph (or your character stategraph if you're using a specific stategraph for your character, which I hope for you that you don't) and play your custom animation in this state. Then


link it to the custom action attached to the use of your item if you defined one




if your item use an existing action then you need to hijack the wilson stategraph, retrieve the actionhandler of this action and change the DestState function of this action handler to include your new state when using your custom item.

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@ZupaleX, thanks, I'll do my best!


I'm sorry to ask this but do you happen to know a quick way of making an item "fueled"? I know the component, but I don't know how to simply tell the game to use a prefab to get "x"% back. I can't find a good example.


It's okay if you don't know, I'm asking just in case, otherwise I'll dig into it a bit more 

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