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  1. The birchnut trees became monsters, everything was fine the first time but they turned into monsters the next day again and during their fight with pig guards the crash happened. Log: deciduoustree bug.txt
  2. I crashed, here's the log log.txt
  3. Modded Skins (API)

    Of course it is not his problem. I'm just requesting this because this is not a clear way of doing things. There have been other people requesting a full tutorial for this reason.
  4. Modded Skins (API)

    So what, this is supposed to be training? I have been doing mods for a while now, It's just a pain to look at Erik as an example because of all the irrelevant things you need to sort out. It's not like we are poor people that need to learn by our own to earn a living, we just want to make different skins for our character, so sorry, I can't agree with you on the fish and rod argument. Not saying that Fidoop had an obligation to do this though, he can do whatever he wants. Just requesting.
  5. Modded Skins (API)

    Hi, thanks for this awesome tool. I'm sure that it just looks more complicated than it is. Are you sure you can't make a tutorial? The instructions are kind of difficult to get by and Erik being such a complicated character it's hard to know what you have to look for. I mean, it seems a bit odd to give us this and then not helping us use it. With all due respect, of course.
  6. This is awesome, @Seiai! Thanks! I do have to ask, why did you need this for an overlord?
  7. Ok, so to prove you guys I'm not asking you to completely do "this thing I want", here's what I got after further investigation : -I'm now aware that I need to make a new anim file, beginning for some reason with "ui" (example: "ui_rabbitchest_1x1" -I need to make a new WidgetSetup like "chester" or apply a new sort of container in a smiliar way -Here's some code I got from the Large Chest mod : local function makeChest() local container = { widget = { slotpos = {}, animbank = "ui_largechest_5x5", animbuild = "ui_largechest_5x5", pos = GLOBAL.Vector3(0, 200, 0), side_align_tip = 160, }, type = "chest", } for y = 3, -1, -1 do for x = -1, 3 do table.insert(container.widget.slotpos, GLOBAL.Vector3(80 * x - 80 * 2 + 80, 80 * y - 80 * 2 + 80, 0)) end end return containerendI don't really understand how to setup a "pos", a "side_align_tip" (actually, I'm not even that sure of what this really is) or how to properly change an "animbank" (I do know how to change the "animbuild" name) I also don't have a clue what this is : for y = 3, -1, -1 do for x = -1, 3 do table.insert(container.widget.slotpos, GLOBAL.Vector3(80 * x - 80 * 2 + 80, 80 * y - 80 * 2 + 80, 0)) end endAnd this is an example of how to actually make the WidgetSetup, right? AddPrefabPostInit("world_network", function(inst) if containers.widgetsetup ~= containers_widgetsetup_custom then OVERRIDE_WIDGETSETUP = true local containers_widgetsetup_base2 = containers.widgetsetup function containers.widgetsetup(container, prefab) containers_widgetsetup_base2(container, prefab) if container.type == "largechest" then container.type = "chest" end end end if containers.MAXITEMSLOTS < MAXITEMSLOTS then containers.MAXITEMSLOTS = MAXITEMSLOTS endend)So here's what I know, now what to do with it to get a 1x1 container for my creature? Thanks in advance
  8. Day 2. They still pretend I'm not a topic. XD Jk So... Anyone?
  9. Hello , I want a creature to -like chester- have an inventory that's made accesible to all players but with only one slot. Here's the code I have : inst:AddComponent("container")inst.components.container:WidgetSetup("chester")It works just fine but it of course gives me 9 slots. How to make it a one slot container?