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  1. flytraps...

    Take a log suit and go for it. After the first (for me inevitable) hit you can kite them
  2. The birchnut trees became monsters, everything was fine the first time but they turned into monsters the next day again and during their fight with pig guards the crash happened. Log: deciduoustree bug.txt
  3. I crashed, here's the log log.txt
  4. How to port character from DST to DS?

    Not much, just plucking it in the mods folder and seeing what the log says. I was just trying to get some basic information, so I knew how to start. Thank you for the clear answer! I think I'll finalize my characters before porting them, then
  5. Maybe this thread can help you
  6. I made some characters in DST with special perks. What do I need to do to port them to DS? If there are issues with perks I should be able to work through them, but I have no idea how to even get the character to show up on the character select menu. Thank you in advance.
  7. Checking current health?

    Oh of course! Should've checked if I could find something with CTRL + F "" in the game files. And you're right about the error, seems really obvious now =) Thanks!
  8. How do you turn caves off?

    Ehm I'm not sure, actually. I launch my server with a .bat file that looks like this: And that causes both shards to run, obviously. Do I just need to delete that last line? start dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyDediServer -shard Caves Thank you for your help!
  9. I want a character to become mighty/wimpy depending on health (mighty on low health, wimpy on high health). I tried doing the following: but that gives me a crash upon spawning, I included the error ("attempt to compare nil with number") in the code, commented next to the relevant line. The function gets called and mentioned the following way, in case you're worrying about that: I expected the code to work since the following, using sanity and changing "health" to "sanity" accordingly, does work perfectly:
  10. How do you turn caves off?

    I'm not worried about save files getting lost, so I'm all ears. I can't find any file that says something like "enable_caves = true" at the moment. I expected to find something like that in /MyDediServer or /MyDediServer/Master, but maybe the option to turn caves off is called something less obvious so I am not sure
  11. Hi, I started a dedicated server months ago but now I don't really remember how it works. It runs ok but to make sure I won't experience lag when people join it I'd like to be able to turn the caves off. How would I do that please?
  12. Modded Skins (API)

    Of course it is not his problem. I'm just requesting this because this is not a clear way of doing things. There have been other people requesting a full tutorial for this reason.
  13. Modded Skins (API)

    So what, this is supposed to be training? I have been doing mods for a while now, It's just a pain to look at Erik as an example because of all the irrelevant things you need to sort out. It's not like we are poor people that need to learn by our own to earn a living, we just want to make different skins for our character, so sorry, I can't agree with you on the fish and rod argument. Not saying that Fidoop had an obligation to do this though, he can do whatever he wants. Just requesting.
  14. Modded Skins (API)

    Hi, thanks for this awesome tool. I'm sure that it just looks more complicated than it is. Are you sure you can't make a tutorial? The instructions are kind of difficult to get by and Erik being such a complicated character it's hard to know what you have to look for. I mean, it seems a bit odd to give us this and then not helping us use it. With all due respect, of course.
  15. This is awesome, @Seiai! Thanks! I do have to ask, why did you need this for an overlord?