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High Heels


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Uhhhhh, not sure about everyone else, but you're asking for a bit too much for 1 item. The heels are classy, and you want a spiffy and 2 classy items for it? I think the most you can get would be 2 classy items, for now that is. Since the item is relatively new, people might want to trade 2:1. Afterwards, the heels will probably go back to 1:1 classy item trades.

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Thank you for replay. I'm doing 1st trade. I really don't know prices. What do you think about only that backpack, is it good deal ??

It's kind of strange that since you dont know the price, you are not asking to trade it for a common. Instead, you are asking for a spiffy and 2 classy.


What made you think it's worth several items in the first place?

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