[Gameplay] - Server Not Responding.. Try Yelling Louder


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Server Not Responding.. Try Yelling Louder

Issue Description: I purchased DST Mega Pack Friday 11/27/15 and have been trying to join servers ever since. I have tried to join any server mods no mods dedicated not-dedicated with no success.

Update: I am on steam yet I do not have a MDMP file... I have validated my steam files and they say it has everything.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Launch Game

2. Click Browse Servers.

3. Choose and join a server.

4. Get error message and pull out hair.

5. Head to forums.

6. Log in.

7. Go to bug section.

8. Open Bug Report Thread.

9. Type in issue description.

10. Type in steps to reproduce.

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  • Developer

BUMP Please someone! I need help! :/ It's been agesss w/o a reply


Could you try the following?


Open the game, go browse games, search for the server 'SBTest', try to join it, and if it fails, close the client, and post your log.txt here. Use the password 'sirius'.

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  • Developer

@255,Please... :/ 


It looks like you're able to communicate with the servers initially when you try to connect; the server definitely responds to you, but it's not able to form a connection through RakNet, which is the networking library that we use. The only time we've seen something similar happen is because a router was resetting the UDP connection while the client and server were still communicating. It is possible that this is a bug in RakNet that we're just seeing because of some peculiar set of variables on your end, but since we haven't really seen this sort of issue before, apart from a single bad router, we're inclined to say that's probably the problem. A lot of Internet applications use TCP, and our game uses UDP; TCP is a bit easier for routers to maintain state for, so if your router does have a bug in its handling of UDP, your Internet would work fine for the most part, it would be relatively few applications that would be affected. 
That being said, we're not completely sure that this is a hardware issue, but that is our best estimate at the moment. It also might be a network or software configuration issue, but we can't really go much further without things like messing with settings on your router, or getting you to  swap out hardware, which are probably not wise, as this may affect you Internet connection, or incur costs for you.
If we had to guess, we would say that the most likely fix is to try swapping out your router/modem. You could also try the game on another computer in the house if you have one, or if you have a laptop, you could try the game on a different Internet connection somewhere.
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I too am suffering from this issue, all attempts to connect to a server result in failure.


My router model is a Vodafone HG658c


Unfortunately I don't really have any ideas what this could be. If it is a UDP issue with this router then I don't know how to identify it.

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