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Been away from this game for awhile. Can someone catch me up regarding Caves?

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I've been extremely busy with school related stuff in the last few months, but as the semester winds to a close, my friends and I are considering revisiting this as our group game for awhile. I doubt anyone remembers me, but out of my group I am the only one with much experience with the game.


That said, Caves/Ruins was one of the few things I never got around to doing in the base game (burnt out after 3 months of intense play on the surface, lol), so I'm really looking forward to doing this content with my friends. They're finally getting to the point where they can survive without my constant attention, and it'd be great if we could progress further into the game.


I'm aware that Caves has been running for awhile on dedicated private servers. I've done my best to keep up with the news thru Steam's DST page. What I'm curious about his if Caves will be running on non-dedicated servers anytime soon, and if not how hard is it to get/set up my own private dedicated server? I'm completely unfamiliar with that concept tbh.


Thanks to anyone who can help me!


Also, any word on Adventure Mode rolling over to DST?

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Hello @boltthundara, welcome back to the forums! I'll try my best to knock off the questions one by one.
What I'm curious about his if Caves will be running on non-dedicated servers anytime soon?
As far as I know, the devs are currently working on polishing the dedicated master-slave shard server system and controller support when it comes to Caves and DST in general. Devs feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.
If not how hard is it to get/set up my own private dedicated server? 
The devs have recently made it much easier for people of any computer-literacy level to be able to start up their own Dedicated Server through the Preconfigured Server Wizard (Instructions In this Link).
How to make the Preconfigured Server a Private Server?
I'd suggest having a look-see at my old post here. But I'll copy-paste the same info from there to here, just to save you some time. If you end up wanting to add some mods to your private server, here's another post in that same thread I made about it.

  • Once the pre-configured server finishes configuring itself(It's done if both Overworld and Caves Dedicated Server has the words "World '###' is now connected."), you close both windows by typing in both of them the words "c_shutdown()".
  • Then look for the folders DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld and DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigCaves. It should be located under Documents/Klei.
  • Inside these folders you will edit the settings.ini that can be opened with a notepad.
  • Inside both settings.ini under [network] you will type "server_password = yournewpassword"
  • For more information of what else you can put into these settings.ini, read through this.

Any word on Adventure Mode rolling over to DST?
None that I know of. But with the slave-master shard system in place, I reckon someone will try and replicate that experience. 
Extra news you may have missed.

  • Don't Starve Shipwrecked DLC is going into Early Access on December 1st.
  • Here's the latest Rhymes with Play dev stream that showcases the DLC.
  • Pig King always spawns in the DST Overworld. (source)

I hope that helps, good luck and have fun. Cheers.

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@boltthundara, from what I remember that being said about dedicated server over client-hosted servers is that a Dedicated Server is an optimized version of Don't Starve Together that has been designed to be run for longer periods of time, with none of the graphical overhead. (source)


For a more detailed requirements to run a Dedicated Server, read through this and this(find the text "To create a reliable...").


I hope that's enough info. Do note, that if you are the host of the group and you can run a client-hosted server pretty well, then we can guesstimate that playing with a Dedicated Server will further improve your DST experience. (keyword, guesstimate)



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Oh, sweet. I am our regular host, so that's encouraging. The people who seem to have issues connecting with my worlds tend to have unreliable net connections themselves. Again, thanks for all the help. Gonna go tinker with some stuff awhile and hopefully after everyone recovers from turkey overdose we'll be able to test this out :D

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