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I also as others, hate the idea of running two servers at once. I think it's a very poor way of handling the new caves implementation. Minecraft for example, handles different worlds but still runs with a single command prompt window, not two. I'm also worried that this will be the beginning of more worlds ran on separate occasions, such as the new DLC which may or may not be eventually added to the game. I prefer the overworld to be more improved with extra biomes and content rather than having more worlds in the game.

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This has advantages and disadvantages:


+ inter-machine connection. Inter world traveling. Possibility to connect worlds from different admins / hosts

+ more stable. when one server crashes, the other can still run. Possibility to exchange whole worlds / caves and dock them to eachother

- compared to single-process-server, more overhead, but most resources will be shared through operating system functions transparently, if run on same machine

- more to configure / need to understand for the user / player

+ easier to develop / test. Other worlds can be ignored while concentrating on one world (yes, not everything is fully independent) -> loss / less critical coupling


share a link plz~ thx

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