Hostile Pigs, or other NPCS

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NPCs that raid your home base could either steal items/destroy stuff, or stake out your base if you fled.Something to either force you to relocate to another area/biome, or go and prepare to counterattack, maybe with different rewardsPigmen could raid if you had too much meat in chests, or when they become werepigs, etc. Something to basically mess your base up.Really like the ghosts in game, they force you to flee, favorite enemy probably Pigmen really make me miss pikmin 2 :( but I love them

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No..You would use it for your own turtling then...I think pigs should just raid your camp when youre bad to them (Centering at a fire pit),and then hammering everything near,except chests,then,they would steal your rocks and lumber,and cut nearby trees and rocks,to build their own village,that is hostile to you in nature.Would stop my meat farming.And other's too

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