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Hey guys I was thinking maybe the devs should make a clothes rack to store backpacks hats log suits etc. Perhaps also a use for it would be to make clothes like a shirt or new types of armor by right clicking the rack.I have a recipe for it already but may be changed : 2 logs 6 twigs also since it has 6 twigs (thats where you would hang a coat / hat) to store 6 pieces of clothing.I specifically would like this to be implemeted so you have somewhere besides the ground to put your backpack I mean if your in a savanah and beefalo are there they probably took a dump there and you picked it up and forgot I mean thatsjust nasty a s*** covered backpack with items in it disgusting!(disregaurd the backpack poop thing)

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What about something like a mannequin? Like you see in the clothing display windows of stores? Prop hats and chest pieces on those. Least with a mannequin holding the garments you see where the hat/vest is and what the items look like. Would probably need a buncha logs and maybe some planks to create a mannequin. I would sometimes mix up a chest I make for hats and a chest I made for cooked meats, sometimes was tedious to look through all my chests to find what vest/hat I was looking for.

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