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  1. Oh! Well there's our answer! An intriguing thought. Having access to the tent *does* beg a question along those lines, doesn't it?
  2. Presently I imagine the radishes would have a timer, yes. Unless a new type of mob is introduced that drops them a la the Pig King.
  3. 1. Now I've seen vultures suggested before, but I'm not talking about adding a new flying mob. I'm talking about shadows of vultures. The things wouldn't be seen at any point on or even near the ground, but when the player is low on both health and hunger, I figured it'd make sense to see their shadows circling around you. It's a rather common visual trope associated with deserts, wastelands and the like. 2. Some folks have been asking for mounts, or something close to it. I doubt very much that one could build a bicycle on a deserted island, and as it stands there aren't really any mobs that would work well as a mount. Hounds, maybe, but that's a very tense maybe. Instead, why not pull them out of the ground? Radish Horses! No, I'm not saying you should pull an entire horse out of the ground. I'm saying why not add Horseradish as a new type of pluckable veggie? Have them crop up rarely in swamps, or some other dangerous territory, then craft them together as a new magic item (like a Meat Effigy!). Radish Horses! Now naturally this may make things a little too easy on the player, so give them a lifespan or a wear-and-tear factor or something, like any other tool. Ride it long enough and it falls apart (and naturally you don't get those horseradishes back).
  4. Ah! Not killing the king, but raiding his source of infinite gold! This premise has some pretty good potential!
  5. I believe there should be a Minecraft-like respawn mode, but that you should unlock it far, FAR down the road.
  6. I wouldn't count on this. If you die in Don't Starve, the map resets entirely.
  7. Now THAT'S an intriguing idea! Give Wendy one free life? I might be *completely* down with that. But really, the main thing I'd like to see is Abigail being more useful. So here's a list of possible improvements for her current format, based on the conversation thus far: - Increased speed when following Wendy. - More potent hits on enemies. - Improved enemy targeting. - Not harming Wendy on contact. - More frequent appearances (be it nightly, bi-nightly, or simply a higher percentage).
  8. Eh, I can't rightly agree with that idea. Something that happens only when you're about to die, vs something you have all the time. It's not like Wilson spontaneously grows a beard when he's dying. (... As hilarious as that would be.)
  9. Yeah, I'm starting to take that wiki less and less seriously. But really, would it be so bad to make Abigail even a *little* more potent? If I'm allowed to torch entire landscapes with Willow to cull the spider nest population, having a nightly helper couldn't be much worse.
  10. A VERY interesting one, indeed. The problem comes when you compare her to the likes of Willow, whose special traits can be weaponized to an *insane* degree, and Wolfgang, who's useful in just about every regard.
  11. Genuinely unsure where these go, so hopefully here is acceptable. Just noticed with Wendy, at dusk, she says "The darkness will be HEAR Soon." =D
  12. Another additional option could be to increase Abigail's speed. Really, the ghost could be as helpful as any other character's traits, but hasn't made it there yet.
  13. Abigail isn't *super* useful as it stands. If she was nightly occurrence I might view her differently, but somehow I doubt that will happen - in spite of Wilson's lifesaving effigies, Willow's safety from darkness AND fire, and Wolfgang's all-around manliness. I would suggest one of the following: - Make Abigail not harm Wendy. - Make Abigail appear nightly (if not, guaranteed every-other-night). I highly doubt *both* would ever happen, but I feel like Wendy doesn't bring as much to the table right now. Maybe allow recruiting of other ghosts? Have animals not run away from her? Just something to boost her up to the ranks of her siblings would be appreciated.
  14. I would certainly like effigies to be available to all characters. Wilson can have something else - like maybe increased research ability (something we know is probably on the way).
  15. I agree, adding non-mob NPCs would kind of ruin the tone the game's going for.