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a few questions

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I think tooth traps affect hounds I really never played Don't Starve i got but i never really worked and then it dissapered so yeah but i did watch a lot of vids so. I think you can't remove the meat effigy maybe try a hammer and the straw roll i really don't know. Sorry.

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Tooth traps work on any mob that triggers it, that is, IF it triggers. The trigger for those things can be funny sometimes.The effigy is a built item, meaning you need to dissasemble it in order to get rid of it using the hammer.And to add to pigs commentary, I can confirm that straw rolls are a boon for impending night attacks;Using a straw roll will forward the day immediately, but NOT the countdown for the hound attack, meaning you still have the same amount of time till the hounds attack( REAL time). simply being able to take on the hounds during the day is a godsend, because you aren't stuck doing laps around the fire until dawn.As an aside; Same issue with hatching smallbirds; using a straw roll to bypass the night, does NOT accelerate the hatching timer either, it merely skips the night so you don't have to worry about moving the eggs closer to the fire. the eggs still require rocking the same duration in real time whether you use rolls or not. this may explain why a lot of people were so certain that it took more than 2 days to hatch an egg: They were likely using straw rolls.

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