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  1. I feel you i get really brord tring to do the same things over and over again.
  2. I think every time you die you get something new about the carater you died as.
  3. Does anyone know how to get butter is it a butterfly drop?
  4. Oh ok, maybe the trail could be filled up with a whole bunch of stuff or maybe a maze. At the end you would get a key or something to open the gate. I think all sandbox games diserve a boss battle like minecraft has the ender dragon maybe Don't Starve needs The Demon (Maxwell)
  5. You don't need to startle them or make them mad they just smell meat and came runing. Hey at least you didn't need to fight werepigs on day 9.
  6. I just think there should be like a boss battle like Minecraft it's a sandbox game but it has a boss battle in it. Maybe the demon could drop a dark gem which makes a the dark spear (better than a luxery thing)
  7. I like it that is a good idea because it would be a pain to eat in the middle of the battle. Where would you get the gangtlet maybe you should craft or like a rare Krampus drop (we have no clue were he has been).
  8. If anyone has an extra Don't Starve Beta can you please send me one i bought one and it dissapered before I got to play it so please privetly send it to me thank you very much if you do.
  9. Does anyone know the stories behind Winston,Willow,Wendy, and Wolfgang.
  10. I think tooth traps affect hounds I really never played Don't Starve i got but i never really worked and then it dissapered so yeah but i did watch a lot of vids so. I think you can't remove the meat effigy maybe try a hammer and the straw roll i really don't know. Sorry.
  11. Hey maybe the demon is Maxwell and also I do agree with L o k i that the hands are the demon's.
  12. I think the demon should spwan on a special island that spwans in every map and is always a island. On day ____ he would spwan and the gate (the death gate that keeps early weaklings from entering) would open letting the strong warriors in. He would drop what ever the creators of Don't Starve what him to drop, I hope you liked my idea and also let me know your ideas I would love to see them.