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Dante's Infernus Public Server

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I am hosting a public (NOT Dedicated) server for beginners and professinals alike to play on.

It is developed and built from the ground up with a community farm, a campground for beginners during winter/summer(includes a endothermic fire, plus 2 fire pits). And some basic materials for new spawns.

It is run by 2 people and developed for people to make a community. 


1. No PvP(PvP is off. destroying camps/Griefing is NOT allowed)

2. Restock the spawn chest if you can

3. No stealing

4. Have fun!



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Fun server for beginners to get their Don't Starve Together metaphorical feet wet. Great place if you need to enter at night or during winter/summer. No PVP THANK GOD because not everyone wants to get the poo kicked out of them all the time. 

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