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  1. I’ve been doing said brain editing, I’ve directly overwritten the Follow node with different values for the variables and it did nothing. Plus, I’m not sure if th MIN_FOLLOW_DIST, TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST, and MAX_FOLLOW_DIST listed in any respective brain’s script file actually do what they seem to. For instance, Chester has a minimum follow distance of 0 in chester’s brain file, but Chester stops a respective distance away from you instead of jumping near your character like Chester’s trying to knock you over. But catcoons also have a minimum follow distance of zero and without the extremely short follow time they have by default they just sort of repeatedly bump into the player. I looked into the script for the “follow” brain node and I don’t even see anything that appears to use the minimum follow distance in a way that prevents movement. What’s going on??? It has no consistency and my brain is slowly melting. Edit: I do want to specify that this is good advice, I’m grateful!
  2. I'm trying to modify some follower behavior and while I've found out how to modify the component itself, for some reason the distance that creatures follow at seems to be entirely arbitrary and unique to it's prefab. For example, when modifying one creature, it will continue to walk forward while touching the players, while with another, it will stop at a reasonable distance unless the player walks away, in which case it follows. The MIN_FOLLOW_DISTANCE, TARGET_FOLLOW_DISTANCE, and MAX_FOLLOW_DISTANCE variables in their brains seem to do absolutely nothing. Where is this information kept????
  3. Thank you! Both of these are really good. I'm actually inclined towards the second option because I did write an entire modified follower class (oops). I'll try both and see what sticks.
  4. Is this possible? I've written a (basically copied and slightly modified) version of the follower component and I'm trying to use it to change the behavior of specific prefabs. I can't just directly modify the behavior of the component with AddComponentPostInit("follower", (changes)) because that would change it for everyone. Is what I'm trying to do possible? Everything refers to the "follower" component so I'm not sure what to do. I'm assuming I can't just pass my new component into the "follower" field in the prefab's table, right?
  5. Fuelweaver is great, I mean you make a good point. I think dfly specifically is a “pet peeve” of mine because it was one of the first damage sponge raid bosses added.
  6. You have to keep in mind how the majority of players here are, to put it lightly, massive tryhards. I’m just going to make a massive assumption and say that most of the players in this thread have already “completed” the “basic gameplay learning” loop and understand how to survive effectively indefinitely, except for situations involving user input error or mistakes. The majority of the players of this game are absolutely not like this. I have friends who are willing to set up a base in a mosaic biome and get pelted with meteors, and others that refuse to use their keyboards. Unless I’m misinterpreting everything about my social situation, the majority of players are going to be like this. In that respect, raid bosses are actually really not in a good spot right now because, even though all of them are technically soloable, none of them are designed to be. They’re all still fun fights, but needing three blue gems and multiple non-renewable resources (pan flutes) just to kill a boss is kinda weird. I mean, most enemies in the game can *technically* be killed with a flint axe, but raid bosses are locked behind advanced equipment or just “lots of people”, which kinda sucks because it means having multiple people is actually the most boring form of the bosses. But adding some kind of health scaling wouldn’t help because I’d imagine there’s at least a few other players like me out there that work together with other players but are effectively solo when fighting.
  7. Do you have mods? It’s probably a good question to ask before I also accuse you of making an unnecessary suggestion.
  8. These are all very good honestly. I could see all of them in the game, and none of them particularly break it. Only thing might be that the thermal/heat related effects might be a little hard to use but being able to chop trees to cool off/heat up sounds great.
  9. Well yeah, I was just extrapolating. Either way it’s good!
  10. The shadow clone-swapping sounds really fun (and funNY). I think it could provide opportunities for some very wacky things during fights like Fuelweaver, allowing him to do things similar to Wanda can do but more flexibly and with more difficulty. Plus they could make Clones just… straight up copy him. Maybe they could even share a health pool with him, (albeit with a damage reduction, hopefully), to make his low hit points feel more important, AND give the clones more uses during combats. Like with this Also, The downside idea is nice. You could even use it to basically force Maxwell to not use actual weapons during combat, hard nerfing him and forcing him to look to his clones for DPS. Maxwell overhaul mod Dev please take note!
  11. Woodie is a god and his prowess is presumed enough that he is barely worth mentioning in balancing discussions.