[Gameplay] - When hostage of a rescue mission is the last survivor, he can't escape

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: Linux

Issue Title: When hostage of a rescue mission is the last survivor, he can't escape

Issue Description: On the rescue mission :

I have 3 agents, and the rescued is an hostage.

Status :

2 of the agents got home via the teleporter.

The hostage is made out of the prison by the last agent.

The next turn, the last agent is shot down.

Bug :

The hostage can't take the teleporter back home alone, the button is grey. I have no way of reviving the down agent and the only way to end the mission is to make the hostage suicide by running on the guards.

For the savegame attached, it's the save on the second slot

Bonus :

Is there a workaround so I can continue the game with the money from the hostage ?

More details about mood :

It took me one hour to get a guy with 6 action points to reach the exit with the security at the maximum level. The hostage clearly deserve to live.

Bonus 2 : (what will happend to the attack item I gave him, will I get it back ?)

Steps to Reproduce: On a rescue mission with an hostage as the prisoner.

Free the hostage

Make all the agents escape but one.

Make the last agent die on the hand of the guards

Now the hostage can't take the teleporter.

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If I had the possibility I would edit the title of this thread to "A hostage can't escape alone if an agent is down"

Anyway, It's been more than a week, the hostage is still in the elevator, so just in case the bug wasn't taken into account
Up :)


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