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So, are you hyped for the skins coming to DST? Ye... No? Well, you are anyway xD ...
So, I did not really know where to post this, so I decided to post these two skin suggestions here.
1) A skin for Wendy; Wendy as Alice from Alice in Wonderland:


2) A skin for Woody; Woody as a butcher:


Ok... That got written really quickly... But tell me what you think, guys; would these be fit skins for these characters?

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@UnionGaming thanks! Though I have not thought about the werebeever skin for the Butcher skin of Woodie (goddamn, I had been spelling his name wrong this whole time!) and idk about Abigail. I mean, devs haven't said anything about Abigail having skins too as far as I know.

But either way, I just felt that this topic is a bit empty, so I made two "sketches" of Wendy with Alice skin and Woody as a butcher. I'll upload them here, tomorrow asap.

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