Spring Trap ?

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Hello everyone !


i'm really confused right now i don't know what happened but i was in Autumn but after 2 days (in-game) i realized that i'm back in Spring ?

what happened ?


i only remember that i opened a Rot trap so is it possible that the Rot trap contain Spring trap or not ?

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oh i went like 7 days in back (backup save) and i found out that in day 41 a have Spring ?? WTH ?!!

in that save i never opened any chest, traps etc.


(Edit: 1)


i realized that when the Summer ended then the Spring started, sooo

something must went Horibly wrong

(I'm 100% sure that all seasons are turned ON lol)

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There's no Spring trap... there's 2 Summer traps, and 1 Winter trap. Rot trap wouldn't do it. 


Did you happen to set your seasons (in the World Gen Settings) to "random"? That will vary the length, and can include skipping a season entirely.


If not that, are you using any mods? If so, will you list them please? Even if you don't see why/how they would change seasons, they might, mods are manipulating code which can have long-reaching impact.

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Nope of course not

My Seasons configuration is Spring = Default, Summer = Default, Autumn = Long, Winter = Short

but i started to remember what exactly happened, i know i went to the Caves during Summer (probably end of it)

and when i get out of the Caves, then after 1 day or 2 (it was Autumn because of trees) i heard a bearger coming because of characters warning BUT it stops nothing happened about half in-game day so i quit the game because it was too late and i needed to go to sleep (in real life)

next day i played the game about 2 or 3 in-game days and started to see strange things like bees goes crazy and rain was too often but me stupid didn't realized after about 4 to 5 real life hours (in-game about 7 days lol) that this was Spring lol

soo . . . THEN i registered that Spring is not supposed to be NOW but Autumn


so probably kind of bug happened

(using few Mods)

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Could be a bug. Which mods are you using?



Friendly Fling'O'matic v1.0

Golden Spear v1.1

Milk Goats with WHAT? v1.0

Minimap HUD v1.0.4

More Plantables v3.3

Renamon v2.0

RPG HUD (Default 25) D1.0

Shelter v1.0

Where's my Beefalo v1.3

XP Pack (my version v1.2)



Geometric Placement v1.4.6

Map revealer v1.0.2

Pets v0.7.1

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