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Changing stats in Config

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Try manipulating TUNING values (as seen in scripts/tuning.lua)


You can change them directly from modmain.lua like this (in the example we make tooth traps overpowered):




for how to make a configuration screen, see this and compare with other mods.

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@theceruleanflash Have you seen this mod?


I downloaded it and looked at the code, but it doesn't seem to have any on increasing maximum health, sanity, or hunger. The mod provides only invincibility for health, which in addition crashes my game when I had tried to implement it. Does anyone have an idea on what the code would look like in the modinfo and modmain?

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local change_max_health = GetModConfigData("ChangeMaxHealth") -- Gets from config-- ...if (change_max_health == true) then	AddPlayerPostInit(function(player)		player.components.health:SetMaxHealth(300)	end)end


-- ...configuration_options =	{		{			name = "ChangeMaxHealth",			label = "Change Max Health",			options = {					{description = "Yes", data = true},					{description = "No", data = false},				},			default = false,		},	}	-- ...



Or look at the how the mod uses number values.

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Hi. I edit tuning.lua but nothing change in game


My changes:


WALRUSHAT_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*1

UMBRELLA_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*1


but nothing happen in game


whats wrong?


Did you edit the file directly? Because you shouldn't do that, make a mod instead and place the following in modmain.lua:




Else, did you remember to enable the mod? Are you using mods that may conflict?

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