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  1. Hey man! I have a question for you! Way back when, you posted this topic! I was wondering if I could ask you how you figured out how to fix it? I am having literally the exact same problem with the silence! And you commented that you had managed to fix it! What did you do to make everything work properly?

  2. Sorry, it's kind of hard to read it with the text blocking the crash report. Try to post your log.txt by going to your Klei folder (most likely in documents), DoNotStarveTogether, and paste the log.txt.
  3. omg thanks so much dude. I appreciate all your help! I wasn't used to making this type of mod, only character mods. thanks again
  4. function GLOBAL.invisible(player) if player == nil then player = GLOBAL.ThePlayer end player:Hide() player.DynamicShadow:Enable(false) end function GLOBAL.reappear(player) if player == nil then player = GLOBAL.ThePlayer end player:Show() player.DynamicShadow:Enable(true) end invisible() invisible(ThePlayer) reappear() reappear(ThePlayer) this is my mod main. could I have done something wrong?
  5. Hey, thanks for the help so far. Unfortunately, when I tried to start my mod, it had crashed. Is there any way to fix? The crash report -
  6. Would this be in the mod main? and how would it look like?
  7. The appearance, such as making the body invisible or making part of the character invisible.
  8. Hello, I am currently working on a mod that changes how the player looks upon using a command. Does anyone know if this is possible?