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Mandatory introductory thread


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Hi all, I'm Marcus :)

normally when I find a forum I like I become a lurker but I'm determined not to do that this time

hence the mandatory introduction

so I've been playing don't starve for a while and am really enjoying it

I've got from the first play through dying to EVERYTHING to the 15th or so world and am now aiming to stay alive for 365 (a daunting task, congrats to those who have so far managed) and am at day 40 (I think)

does anyone know when tier 3 spider nests become queens because there are several large clusters north that haven't changed and I've not yet seen a single spider queen :\

I also haven't seen any of these treeguard that I keep hearing about

how do I provoke them?

Anyway good to be here and nice to meet you all :D

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