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How do I go about letting people know the rules of the server?

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I tried using signs, but they all burned over the summer, and people didn't read them anyway.  My server does have a few rules, like no griefing, no trolling, disconnect if you wanna be afk, ect.  I also have a bunch of booster shots by the respawn, because the server didn't like 'no respawn penalties'.  People keep on taking them, thinking they're a healing item, then dieing or using them all to absolutely no effect.  So I decided to make 'no stealing the syringes' a rule.  Any sugguestions on what to do?  I'm the only admin level person on right now, since the host doesn't like how easy it is to die again and again, and I can't be on constantly to constantly tell the rules.  I also would like it to be easy for people to report things to me, like greifers.

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Mod to spawn essential gear depending on when they join the server.

If you really want a community that works, you gonna have to make them sign up through some website or system and or find people by advertising and reading applications and lock the server... and grow it that way.  Else you getting randoms will always have this issue.  Else Family and Friends server.  Only by referral and those who bring people in will be their mentors and make sure they know the rules.  Public server = ./gg you will never be able to stop the crap randoms do. 


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From my text-file of useful things:


# Set announcement on player joining game
TheWorld:ListenForEvent("ms_playerjoined", function() c_announce("This is a test announcement from the console") end) 


I hope that's helpful.


(oh, I should mention, if you set more than one announcement it will broadcast both on a new player logging in, I haven't tested if you can set three or more but I suspect you could, and I don't know how to stop the announcement short of restarting the server)


(OH, and announcements won't stay in place over a bounce.  So if, for example, you run a Survival server your announcements will go away each time the world regenerates.)


I'm sure Recezib can clarify the things I'm not sure about if they look in here, he/she is much better at administering and testing than I even desire to be.

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