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  1. Hi there, I joined in the beta [returnofthem] and can not get more than 35 fps playing the game (tested on a dedicated server in the same pc and my friend's server) but I can reach 60 fps when I go out from beta. I'm not running any mods
  2. Can't I break mini signs? I hope it will be possible. When I play with pets it could give a very little sanity boost like 2 points of sanity and have some wait time until I play with him again, something like 60 seconds. Maybe?
  3. When I move between surface to caves the transition is sweet, but when I move from caves to surface, my game freezes, is it only for me? Another Question, the set piece on savanna biome with a chest, I think doesn't working, I could open the chest both hammering it without nothing happens.
  4. Since the ruins was released I keep trying connect my surface server to caves, but not getting any luck, I got more and more 163 errors, that you already have talked here, I've tried a lot of combinations for settings.ini in both folders, nothing works. I do not understand, I am using the same configuration I always have used... Master log: Cave Log: Master Settings.ini: [shard]shard_enable = trueis_master = truemaster_port = 11200cluster_key = secretkeysaresecret[network]default_server_name = Vamos la cavesdefault_server_description = submundo da escuridaoserver_password = rog123server_save_slot = 1game_mode = survivalmax_players = 6tick_rate = 60enable_vote_kick = trueenable_snapshots = falsepvp = falsepause_when_empty = trueCave Settings.ini: [shard]shard_enable = trueis_master = falsemaster_ip = = 11200shard_name = cavescluster_key = secretkeysaresecretshard_id = 3144703270[network]default_server_name = Vamos la cavesdefault_server_description = Submundo da escuridaomax_players = 6server_port = 11001steam_authentication_port = 12348steam_master_server_port = 12349server_password = G8xyjvRrFFl9CxI've changed a lot the files, I don't know anymore if it is the default configuration, I only know I've tried a lot, well, maybe someone can help better. Thank you
  5. Dear Ipsquiggle if you could answer me, I join in another server and travel foward the surface works right, I think my problem is on connection of DST_Cave. my question is, under the [network] area, i need to put in the two settings.ini files? or I need to put only in DST_Cave (my case of now)
  6. I was playing DST now and by two times I have tried go back to above world, and I stayed in a loading screen, and my game freezes, forcing I close it. What happens? I miss any code? Happens with anyone too?
  7. I fixed it! It was a very very newbie fail, lets go on steamcmd:1- login anonymous2- force_install_dir C:\YourDedicatedFolder (or whatever is)3- app_update 343050 -beta cavesbeta validateWell, I was missing the second step, Only this I made different and works now, I hope be helpful to others with the same problem. Regards!
  8. What you made? EDIT: Wrong People. Sorry lol
  9. DST_Master log: Anyone to help, please?
  10. Hi there, I am trying setting my dedicated server with caves, but I got this error: It's very not clear for me, I need to put the same ports in differents folders? I have the folder myserverc working like master, I still need put anything into DoNotStarveTogether? Thank you for any help.
  11. here go one more pictures. Few things now. Original Expanded now, credits to @ASTROGaming by publish on twitter.
  12. The HYPE is REAL guys!! Credits to @Foxtrot44 by posting on twitter.
  13. Adorei a ideia também, super apoio isso. Não costumo jogar com tradução no don't starve (já cheguei a usar por um tempo) mas retirei, o que mais me chama atenção no mod é o sarcasmo que você está implementando, acho que combina demais com o don't starve. Parabéns pela iniciativa.
  14. The Corpse card has a word "first" in it. The Shell card has a word "second" in it. The Sand card has a word "end" in it. Maybe an indicator of order? But the others two cards I didn't found any word relevant