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Hello everyone.

I want to share few of my suggestions with you:


1. Give people ability to use Ice Staff on melted Mini Glacier so you can freeze them (build them up).

It will give people extra possibility to get ice during summer because some people can have problem with getting it earlier (no icebox or joining game later).


2. When you point your mouse cursor on Ice Flingomatic you should see how big its range is (so you can put structures within its range and know it will fit). I think there is a mod for it but I thnik it should be in base of the game.


3. I see this has been discussed a lot but still: Summer overheating shouldn't get you during night (and also dusk). Even on desert temperature during nights fall low very quickly, also maybe any of you like sitting outside your house, during summer, afterdark and feel that pleasantly chill in the air. No? Eeee... Ok then.


If I get any new ideas I will post them here. Tell me what you think.

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