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  1. Man, I feel you. You can only make so many big bases, kill all bosses and then you get bored of it quickly. I think the problem is that after a while you are getting too good for your own sake, since you aren't struggling anymore it gets repetitive. Starting new world or joining fresh pub isn't a challenge, it feels like a list of chores you have to do (gather wood, gather rocks, gold for alchemy, kill some pigs, get hambat and helmet etc.). People spice things up with mods (I personally use randomized seasons mod and set all world resourcers to low), they also do things like rushing ruins or dragonfly as fast as they can to see if they can do it. Maybe try that. Personally, I would love to see adventure type game mode, where you set difficulty (ex. on hardest you can start with summer season and long night) and length (ex. different size of the map, only in caves world, since we have sailing, few islands you have to move around) of the game and you have a lobby like in Forge or Gorge but hosted by players or on dedicated servers made by players. Upon starting the game, server generates the world with random preset with objectives (ex. your group enters the portal and portal breaks behind you and your team has to fix it with resources scattered around the world or special items that you need to get back from enemies or trade for (Klei has it in the game already), boss you have to kill in order to win so you need to prepare for him before confrontation, or just find another portal and jump through it to finish the sesion. I believe playing for short 1h - 3h sesions feels great since you have to be active and you can actually finish it. This kind of expirence Sandbox cannot provide and I wish there was something like that in DST.
  2. Transformations are too short in my opinion. Swimming for goose would be neat I like that idea. But I don't understand why Klei came up with limited time and sanity drain drawback at the same time, it doesn't make sense to punish player in two ways on top of losing health and sanity at the start. If Wilba will be ever added she will overshadow Woodie really hard. What I want to add is increase timer to each transformation if player is doing what they suppose to do with said transformation. M00se: You fight? You get extra transformation points everytime you deal dmg to enemies and it slows down the drain or even stops it for a few seconds. If you want to turn back just stay away from fighting and let the drain reach max and turn you back. Goose: You run around? You gain transformation points every sec you run around and it slows down the drain or even stops it for a few seconds. If you want to turn back just stay in place for a while and let the drain reach max and turn you back. Beaver: You chop trees, dig? You gain transformation points every tree you chop down, rock you mine, grass you dig etc. and it slows down the drain or even stops it for a few seconds. If you want to turn back just stop working and let the drain reach max and turn you back. Sanity drain already prevents you from being in transformation forever so I think this is a good idea.
  3. Beaver can't swim, Goose just runs really fast. M00se has high dmg and running charge attack. I don't know what to think about this. I want old DS werebeaver back. You can die by using idols they deal dmg and you loose sanity. Also you can't refill the bar while transformed (i didn't find any way to do it yet) it's just timed buff that runs out and you are back into Woodie human form with hunger dropped to 0 Why when I correct the word M00se it turns into Goose? You are quite cheecky klei.
  4. They allow to refund games bought during EA (Early Access) and I'm not really sure about it because technically I bought it before EA release.
  5. Will I be able to refund this game after official release if I got it during Alpha? Steam allows it and there is no mention of this in FAQ so I'm asking.
  6. I can see that, what I meant is that there is a reason to change some things and balance them, maybe not like tomorrow but they should consider changing some of them. I hope I will see that after they will be done with ANR stuff. I will take note on that one.
  7. As I said, it's boring and makes winter trivial and they should change it, if they finally changed how Mini Glaciers work then they can go step farrer and change ice aswell. There is always place and time for improvement, you can agree on that one I suppose.
  8. Because Klei added it to the game? Klei has a lot to balance right now, I complained about bundles being OP in different threads if you don't know, because it's more powerfull than Insulated Pack (that needs gears and thick fur), I just came to realization that if they don't change things I will roll with them and complain if I have occasion.
  9. Do you know what is dumb? Cheesing through winter with monster meat and ice only. You have Bundling Wrap now and you can easily preserve food with it , so what's wrong with that? Also there are so many ways to get meat in DS so getting rid of ice from some recipes wouldn't hurt so badly, besides how about honey nerf aswell? I play with my brother and we only eat honey now because honey gives you sanity (candy), health and hunger, also when winter strikes we have few fridges and bundled supplies full of honey.
  10. Great start! Now remove ice from all cooking recipes except Ice cream and Melonsicle and also make Koalefant main source of food during winter as it supposed to be.
  11. Yeah, this is nice but make ice disappear after digging it and remove it from some cooking recipes.
  12. If this will be cave related update, give Ancient Guardian ability to respawn, pretty please? That would be a nice thing to do if ANR will be finished soon.
  13. I wasn't referring to this part and I don't care about it because it's BETA (I don't play with beta on), I was refering to the part where he says that we can't complain about things because it's given to us for free.
  14. Hmm... strange, it's not like I bought this game in order to play it, also because it's free doesn't mean it can't be bad. Expected a bit more but luckly it's not another raid boss, still no reason to play with summer on though.
  15. I really hope it's not another raid boss, I'm getting tired of them.