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  1. Since we get new skins for that item I thought that maybe we should talk about it too. Right now, razor is only used for shaving hair (can be used to shave hedges in Hamlet) but maybe Klei should make it a little more harvest oriented tool. What I have in mind exactly is: give it durability, it's cheap to make so making a new one wouldn't be a problem allow players to equip it and hold it in tool/weapon slot when equipped speed up harvest animation of plant harvest (saplings, grass tufts, mushrooms, crops, etc.) and animal killing from inventory to Winona's faster crafting speed keep shaving mechanic as it is I believe change like this would make this item much more useful and stop it from being a niche tool that is used for only one thing.
  2. How about doing something with grass and saplings? Right know disease only punishes you for moving things around but you get no reward for leaving grass and saplings in their natural habitat. This is a reason why some people turn off disease completely, taking care of it is a chore (uprooting and planting again) that you have to do once in a while. Having an item that we can craft and use to prevent or heal plants would be a pretty good thing. On top of that twiggy trees and grass geckos produce basic materials whole year round and can't be sick (you removed that option). I want to see not transplanted grass and saplings turning into tall grass, overgrown sapling after a while (like trees but it doesn't revert back) and you could get more grass/twigs from it. Maybe even some grow buff for naturally spawned grass in natural savanna turf and saplings in natural deciduous/forest turf. You would give players options to move basic materials to their base and taking care of them in a proper way or you could allow players to just leave things be and harvest more stuff later. Without Lureplant gathering basic materials takes a lot of time and speaking of gathering. I believe razor should be looked at too. Allow razor to be used when gathering stuff, make it a tool you can equip in your hand and run around with, make it lose durability on use because those things lay all around the world in a pub worlds. So, when you equip razor you gather things like plants, mushrooms, grass and twigs from saplings much faster. (Just shorten the animation like you did with Winona crafting speed).
  3. They allow to refund games bought during EA (Early Access) and I'm not really sure about it because technically I bought it before EA release.
  4. Will I be able to refund this game after official release if I got it during Alpha? Steam allows it and there is no mention of this in FAQ so I'm asking.
  5. I can see that, what I meant is that there is a reason to change some things and balance them, maybe not like tomorrow but they should consider changing some of them. I hope I will see that after they will be done with ANR stuff. I will take note on that one.
  6. As I said, it's boring and makes winter trivial and they should change it, if they finally changed how Mini Glaciers work then they can go step farrer and change ice aswell. There is always place and time for improvement, you can agree on that one I suppose.
  7. Because Klei added it to the game? Klei has a lot to balance right now, I complained about bundles being OP in different threads if you don't know, because it's more powerfull than Insulated Pack (that needs gears and thick fur), I just came to realization that if they don't change things I will roll with them and complain if I have occasion.
  8. Do you know what is dumb? Cheesing through winter with monster meat and ice only. You have Bundling Wrap now and you can easily preserve food with it , so what's wrong with that? Also there are so many ways to get meat in DS so getting rid of ice from some recipes wouldn't hurt so badly, besides how about honey nerf aswell? I play with my brother and we only eat honey now because honey gives you sanity (candy), health and hunger, also when winter strikes we have few fridges and bundled supplies full of honey.
  9. Great start! Now remove ice from all cooking recipes except Ice cream and Melonsicle and also make Koalefant main source of food during winter as it supposed to be.
  10. Yeah, this is nice but make ice disappear after digging it and remove it from some cooking recipes.
  11. If this will be cave related update, give Ancient Guardian ability to respawn, pretty please? That would be a nice thing to do if ANR will be finished soon.
  12. I wasn't referring to this part and I don't care about it because it's BETA (I don't play with beta on), I was refering to the part where he says that we can't complain about things because it's given to us for free.
  13. Hmm... strange, it's not like I bought this game in order to play it, also because it's free doesn't mean it can't be bad. Expected a bit more but luckly it's not another raid boss, still no reason to play with summer on though.
  14. I really hope it's not another raid boss, I'm getting tired of them.
  15. Wait, they will finally release some exclusive content for summer? I mean we have desert, summer, hot as hell. It fits just right. I really hope so because for now the only exlusive thing that you can get during summer is cactus flower. Compare summer and winter content anyway and you will know why my hopes are so high.