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How to make your character turning into a werewolf in full moon?

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is it really hard to see the file woodie.lua to see how it works?

inst:ListenForEvent("nighttime", function(global, data)	    if GetClock():GetMoonPhase() == "full" and not inst.components.beaverness:IsBeaver() and not inst.components.beaverness.ignoremoon then	        if not inst.components.beaverness.doing_transform then				inst.components.beaverness:SetPercent(1)			end	    end	end, GetWorld())

These strings let the woodie transform to Beaver on fullmoon i think

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Seriously? Go study other mods or the game code for existing methods. It's not like there weren't werebeasts in the game already.


Once you have an idea of what you need, try to do it. You will most likely fail, judging by your helplessness, but at least you will have something that you can be helped with. And what's the worst that can happen?

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You could look at the pig and see, alot has to do with the clock, but it's in it's brain, then define a value when it's night, your guy "does this"


Im terrible at scripting so i cant give you the direct answer, you'll have to do the research yourself

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