[Gameplay] - No Vault Card Room on cyber lab

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: No Vault Card Room on cyber lab

Issue Description: There were many places where you can vault cards could get her and I got myself two. But there was not a single vault, only cyber laboratories. And the second cyber-lab where I was with a vault card, had no Vault card room!

I don't know, if that is a bug, but I also don't know, where I should post this.

And a suggestion:

More choice of augments at a Cyber ​​Lab device.

Otherwise rarely something useful there. Often come with me augments, which are activated when camouflage. To work with camouflage, you have to level up the agents in speed. However, I rather work with Paralyzers, and, therefore, I need the money for anarchy.


- An augment, that will be activated by using a Paralyzer, a weapon, a taser or a lance (that raises the armor breakdown +1).

- Lance II and III, that raises the armor breakdown +2 and +3 or reduces the cool down.

Steps to Reproduce: I don't know.

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Only some cyberlabs have a vault door, not all. So that's not a bug. Only vaults are garuanteed to have a vault door (cause they're, well, vaults). If you can't find any vaults, it's probably bad luck. If you want to increase the chance of finding one, you can go to an executive terminal first.

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I kind of agree w/ part of the OP, even though his original issue isn't actually a bug.


Cyber labs are pretty meh when it comes to actually finding good / variety of augments.  I feel that it's kind of sad that when my agents are all fully maxed out stat-wise and I've got cash flowing out my wazoo, it's not Cybernetic Labs that I go to when trying to outfit their augment loadouts, it's Nanofabs.


Because not only will the quality of the augments be the same, but Nanofabs are going to have MORE augs, period.  Cyber labs exist pretty much solely for installing augment sockets and after that, their usefulness is about 0 since Nanofabs just do it better.

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At the end I had to sell my Vault-Card to Monst3r because I had come during day 4 and the final mission came. I play at the moment the campaign on expert, and there I ALWAYS have lack of money. I do not even have leveled up to half the 4 agents. I'm glad that they are now reasonably well equipped for the final mission (Armor Penetration 1). And that I have reasonably useful programs for Incognita. All this costs money, and if I get a couple of saves in the final mission, I'll try to go again to a Nanofab or a secondary server terminal, because I'm still not particularly well equipped. No, I do not work with money chips to consoles because I need the energy that they have.

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Only some cyberlabs have a vault door, not all.


If it already happens that in a run no vault comes, but only cyber labs, then at least every cyber lab should have a vault door. Otherwise had to go with the level description at least to stand there whether the level has a vault door or not.

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