Poison meat (for dealing with hounds away from your base)

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It sucks when you get attacked by a hound wave when you're very far away from your tooth traps and you can't kite them or tank them or lead them to other mobs so it would be very nice if there's a solution for the huge hound waves in the late game.


Why not make a simple recipe that produces poisonous meat, which you can stack and drop around when a bunch of hounds attack you so that the group becomes smaller and more manageable. The meat can spoil relatively quickly and don't stack in bundles of 40 so as not to be OP, but it would still be an option if you'd like to get away from your base and not have to carry lots of stuff to heal, armor and arm yourself during an unexpected fight.


It's quite easy if you're using wickerbottom's On Tentacles and Wolfgang's super strength but the other characters don't have anything that helps with huge hound waves. I've resorted to carrying a purple staff so that I can teleport in my base if I get caught away from my usual trap areas or (worse!) near something valuable which the fire hounds can burn.


What do you think guys? Maybe something that uses up red shrooms, stingers and meat and lasts about 3-4 days? It will be too expensive to make in the early game while the hound waves are really easy but when you get to the late game and the hounds turn into an unstoppable tsunami of stunlockness you'll have access to lots of stingers (far, far too many to use for darts anyways), red shrooms in the underground red biomes and of course meat (regular, not monster meat so that it isn't too easy). If you have a decent stack of those you can exploit the gluttony of the dogs and leave some meat away from anything they can burn and reduce their numbers until there are only 5 or so of them.

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