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I bought the game on Early Access almost ten months ago, and I've loved it ever since.


As you probably can tell, Internationale is my favorite agent, so why not cosplay as her?


I have quite a few pictures lmao


(Spoilers bc the images may be quite big)




Some of these are more recent than others, but I thought I'd share my cosplay with you guys ouo

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That is wonderful! Your cosplay is perfectly recognizable as Internationale. Though, something that would top your cosplay off would be Internationale's signature headsets and forearm computer things. But maybe that's how Internationale dresses on her day off? Hmm....


Frankly, I have no idea where you could get headsets and arm things like Internationale has. You probably would have to make them yourself, and I unfortunately can't give any tips or suggestions, since I'm a horrible craftsman ):

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