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  1. Disclaimer: I've never been there either, though I've had sliders at other places and was never disappointed. My comment was (as everybody probably knows but hey just in case) a reference to the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle which is surprisingly funny for a movie about 2 stoners on a quest for burgers. And that pic of Tony with the White Castle bag is hilarious!
  2. Very cool. My first thought was, "I wonder if White Castle is still open, and if Central will swing by when we're done here?
  3. Cool stuff! Though I'll admit I've always imagined Decker to be a mean drunk. I imagine that - for the tutorial - it was more like he was in a bragging war than buying rounds for people. I imagine that it ended when his cloak died because he forgot it didn't last forever. I also imagine the other guy needed to find teeth when it was all over.
  4. The most OP character in the game has a tiny little detriment. Heck give him a horn that goes off randomly, alerting every guard in the level to his location and I'd still take him.