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I believe that when a server is created, a preset area is selected and logged automatically by the host, and every few nights or by some other standard of a custom refresh rate that that area will be renewed to its natural settings (trees regrown, flint replaced, twigs, rocks, and grass regrown/replaced).

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In Minecraft people make portals connected to another world which is meant to be pillaged for resources and every couple of days that world is deleted and remade while the original stays intact. This allows players to bring over resources from the other world to regenerate the current one. Would be cool if we can make some sort of portal and do the same here.

As of right now, I'm not sure how the world works. I've been on servers that were up hundreds of days and still provide me with saplings, grass turfs, berry bushes, and trees. I'm guessing the game already has some regeneration process that doesn't overcrowd the server. I think flint should also generate overtime though, without the whole meteors falling from the sky in only rocky biomes. Then again maybe that's what caves are going to be for?

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