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Original post is in the Mod forums but thought I post it here too cause I have no idea where to post a Mod suggestion:


So I've had this idea for awhile and thought there was something in the works but figured I just post this suggestion in case there isn't or that anyone in our awesome modder community hasn't attempted this or even thought of it.  Me personally am an idiot when it comes to computers and stuff so there is no way I could make this mod.  So here goes nothin:


Some sort of Team play mod.


What do you mean by this?  Isn't the whole idea of Together to work as a Team? 


While yes DST is meant to be played as a one whole collaborative team game it rarely is.  In fact on most public server you find a slew of bases all over the place and very few of them are populated by more than 2 people.  Also there are plenty of private servers where the idea is everyone works together and build one collaborative base.  But here's the thing.  In the single base mode we are all winners.  Who is the loser?  No one because there is no competition.


What I propose is a mod that splits a map into 2 or more teams.  Upon joining the world you can either choose or are assigned a team. These maps would of course be PvP and members of your own team are flagged as friends and therefore safe from you while the other team is of course flagged as foe and not safe from you.  This in turn would open the game up to another style of play and more importantly other modes of play.  The key aspect of this is splitting the players and creating a way of distinguishing who is on your side and who is on the other side.


Imagine a world where 2 teams fight for control of parts of the world, secure specific resources found only in their secured corner, and where 2 teams work with their respected others to create bases and defeat the others.  And most importantly we have a game that has what all games sometimes need and most often have, winners and losers( xP ).


Most importantly this would allow us to create a capture the flag mode(alternately you could just make a capture the flag mod but splitting the map into two teams is still necessary).  And of course we already have our 2 flags: chester and glommer.  No way to hide the flag in your inventory cause the flag hops or flys behind you (you would need to make it so neither one of them can be killed most importantly for glommer otherwise how do you respawn your flag?  Wait for full moon? NOPE too OP and every team with glommer would kill him instantly to keep thier flag unattainable). 


So this is my idea.  I dunno if anyone has thought of it as well or is already working on it but just in case I figured I would put it out in the ether and hope this becomes a reality.

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I think the biggest challenge here is not programming, but balancing the teams. Lets say the typical maximum number of player per server is 6, and there are two teams: team RED has 3 newbies, team BLU has 2 newbies and 1 veteran. Team RED does not stand a chance.


If the maximum number of player is 24, team RED has 10 newbies, and team BLU has 10 newbies and 2 veterans. To auto-balance you would want to move one of the veteran players to the other team, but everyone hates auto-balance. The person who gets auto-balanced often rage-quits.


Most people also dislike team scrambling because friends want to be on the same team. On the other hand, team stacking (everyone wants to join a particular team) also tilts the team balance.


IMO, creating a balanced team match mode is just not worth the effort, especially when there are already so many good pvp games out there (which are fairly balanced in terms of classes and perks, world setup, team composition and auto-balance mechanisms), sitting in your steam inventory, only a few clicks away.

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In all honesty I neither care nor am worried about balanced team match mode.  Also where did you see anything about creating a balanced team mode?  I didn't mention balance once.  For the most part those who would be interested in playing this way already know what they are doin and this is mainly aimed at the PvP community, a group of people who know how to play the game.  Yeah you're gonna get noobs here and there but who cares.  No better way to learn than trial and error.

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This sounds absolutely perfect to me, and i'd love nothing more than a server with extra loot implemented to make it slightly easier.. i.e more gold rocks and spider dens, but also like 20 people and having 4 teams! All in different colours.. it wouldnt matter if people cose the same character because it would be noticable which player is on what team. and even if people chose the same character when they are on the same team, i say LET THEM! Its their style of play and how they plan on winning. Last team standing wins and ,more enemies spawn depending on how many players are left alive, times a certain percentage per amount of days alive in the game (to make spectating less boring and less of a heartache).teeth traps should only affect enemy players and I'd say change the colours of spider's, controlled by webber, mouths to determine which team they are on. This change the game entirely and take a long time but the amount of players who would log in to DST just to play DST teams would be massive.

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