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Arin the smoke stack (not name but its kinda what it is)

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HEY GUYS ME AND THOMAS ARE BACK if you remember our failed mod during April or if your just joining us hello, Well Thomas messaged me the other day and he wanted to make a mod its based off the conductor mod on the steam workshop



originally created by: (tumblr username) d3dans

Also i changed my name on steam you can now find me as

The Real Mr. Slim Shady


Yay there is more info thomas gave me for the mod so thats good so here are his traits


he's a parasite he eats his hosts head then takes the body over not actually going to to affect him in that sense but maybe we can work something out again if you have any ideas please put them in the comments below or msg me on steam


Credits by steam name 

Artist : Plastic Dosh or Plastic Money (what ever it changes to)

Programmer and updater: The Real Mr. Slim Shady 

Concept (by tumblr):d3dans

Extra: no one unless you have ideas




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