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memory error

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So I recently revisited Smiley the stickman and was working on porting him to DST but when I tried to test Smiley with an other computer it seemed to crash all joining clients with a memory error telling them to remove some mods and try again... but the only mod enabled was Smiley the stick man!

The mod is 43.7 MB (3 characters, custom voices, a bunch of items, and some cute pets you can make) I really hope that I don't have to take the mod apart into 3 or 4 pieces to get rid of memory errors because that'll just be a total pain in the butt... :L

Does anybody have any alternate solutions to this? Really hoping so because the next mod I'm porting to DST is nearly 100 MB and is still growing!

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mostly u can just follow this guide and look in similar files from the game.

most problematic is, that allmost everything component-related happens on the server only. mostly this will be covered by the small changes to the prefabs, which are mentioned in the guide.

but some things can be more complex, like hotkeys or buttons on the interface, that try to change something in a component. since hotkeys and buttons are clientside, but component are serverside, u will have to use netvars and RPCs for that.

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