Charlie needs help! (Coders and Animators needed!)


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Hey all! As you may or may not know, I've been working on a mod that adds Charlie (yes, the very same from the William Carter Puzzles) into the game! Right now she's in a functional state with some basic perks and custom sound (in regular DS), however I could use some help getting her to be as best as she possibly can! 


Here's a list of a few things I need help with:

  • Enable the ability to use her custom sound files for Don't Starve Together
  • Edit the adventure throne speech with Maxwell
  • Fix the eyes on her ghost model in Don't Starve Together
  • Add a transformation from normal Charlie to grue as sanity depletes (similar to Wolfgang's "mightiness")
  • Allow her strength to build as her sanity decreases

If it sounds like you can help with any one of these, don't be a stranger! Thanks in advance!

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I can help with custom sounds

The ghost eyes on the ghost model

and the sanity building things.


Oh my gosh, that would be awesome if you could! Any preferred way you'd like to keep in contact?

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