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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Console Command Causes Force Close

Issue Description: Anytime I would simply use

c_give("prefab",#) ie: c_give("log",20)

I can enter it once... and it'll be fine no problem I'll get it into inventory and we're set to go. However, if I were to use the command again... It'll force close and just quit the game bringing me to my desktop.

I can use any item... any amount the 1st time and it'll work (I'm host). If I attempt to spawn ANYTHING after I used the c_give command 1 time already it'll just close the game.

Funny thing is works like a Champ 6/2/15. I logged on 6/3/15 and the issue started. I've tried new servers and same results.

I can use the c_spawn command and it'll work over and over but clicking on a screen let say for 40 twigs and 40 rocks and whatever will suck LOL.

Let me know what steps I can do or if something changed in a recent update.

Steps to Reproduce: c_give("prefab",#) ie: c_give("log",20)

Press ` type/paste c_give("log",20)

Press Enter

Press ` type/paste c_give("log",20) again.

And DST will freeze and close the game.

I views the DST log. It'll show the last 20 logs to be placed in inventory and that's ends the log with no crash report or error.

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Yeah, I experienced very same thing like this!


I actually have ran dedicated server for my friends which have been just fine until yesterday.


Even multiple c_give commands worked just fine.


But I used c_give command for me to get a hambat and press up arrow butten to repeat once more to get a marble armor this time, boom.


My dedicated server crashed without any error messages,


So I tried to host the server directly and tried to use same commands in a row.


The game crashed..


I don't know what just happened


may it do something with the latest patch?

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This is odd. I tried replicating this but I can't.


I tried as admin of dedicated server and as host:

1) Write c_give("meat",20) on console

1d) Pressed ctrl for remote

2) Press enter to do command

(I received 20 meat on myself)

3) Press the up key to get the c_give again

4) Repeat 20 times


No crashes. I'm missing something?

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@DarkXero, It's a bit unreliable. On a local server, I was able to replicate this by giving myself a few bernies, then 40 logs, then 40 dragonpies-- the dragonpies crashed. Nothing helpful in the logs, it cut off after giving the first dragonpie. 

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I managed to replicate it giving myself dragonpies.


The culprit is this line of c_give:


My guess is that this happens because when switching items, something strange happens when you select an entity item that is in LIMBO (inventory).


And it appears I was right, since when investigating, the update was pushed and now we have:

function SetDebugEntity(inst)    if debug_entity ~= nil and debug_entity:IsValid() then        debug_entity.entity:SetSelected(false)    end    if inst ~= nil and inst:IsValid() then        debug_entity = inst        inst.entity:SetSelected(true)    else        debug_entity = nil    endend

That checks the entity to be valid.


This is now fixed.

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