Small island with a dungeon entry

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I know i will be a huge effort but my idea is that there are very small islands only with a dungeon entry an a few flowers or something. The dungeons would be generated randomly with special mobs which shouldn't be easy to beat. You would earn special loot (which is not to op). I know to do this will take some time but maybe this could be add in a bigger update or so.

So please, tell me what you think about thus addition. I think it would be great and varied feature,


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This is a common suggestion. Here's the developer's stance on it at the moment

The developers are not keen on working on this at the moment. For a good reason. It is hard to integrate what is essentially a 3D aspect into a 2.5D game. The cave has a roof and walls and our current world doesn't. See the problem? Not to say it might not happen on day just- dont hold your horses just yet on this.

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I love the idea!

Moderators, instead of scripting cave walls and a ceiling, FORGET THE CEILING!

Make the dungeon island/bridge oriented, and plateaued, replacing the ocean with an underlying plain dirt floor, a seemingly deadly fall, and otherwise inaccessible.

Introduce mole monsters and a mole king.

Scatter rocks to be mined.

"Dungeon raiding" would make good use of the miners hat.

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Ah, I remember that one. As I recall LadyD suggested a while back about allowing players to dig a hole and enter the bunny kingdom the characters joke about when they examine a rabbit hole. I personally don't know about any of the technical details, only that LadyD gave the impression this wasn't feasible. Of course I haven't seen any official response. The only factor here is that the current game uses large open spaces, while a cavern would need walls. In past threads I suggested that the cavern wouldn't be on the surface, but below it and only accessible via a crevasse. Players would use rope or a grappling hook (new item - gold ore + ropes) to click on the crevasse and then it would load a new map, spawning the player in a cavern chamber.

The issue isn't with the ceiling in this case, as everything would be in a cavern so you wouldn't need to make a distinction between inside and outside (with a ceiling), rather it would be with the walls. The walls closest to the bottom of the screen would need to become transparent without confusing the player. I've seen other games that perform this feat, but I'm just not sure if it would suit Don't Starve.

As for a dungeon... I personally wouldn't want one only because I have games like Torchlight (1 & 2) when I want to explore dungeons. I would actually like it if it were just natural caverns.

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