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[Mod] Vacuum Chest

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Vacuum Chest (DST Version)

A chest that automatically picks up items dropped nearby. 


Tab: Structures 
Recipe: 1 purple gem, 4 living logs 
Requires: Shadow Manipulator 
Available on Steam Workshop only.
I've had this mod up on the workshop for over a week now, but I thought I'd get around to finally making a thread for it to link in the Mod Info.
  • Picks up any items on the ground that are able to be picked up in a set radius around it (It does not pick plants or capture animals for you. Example: Will pick up cut grass on the ground, but it will not pick it from a planted tuft of grass.)
  • If the chest and all it's stacks are full, it will not pick up more items



Planned Improvements:

  • RPG HUD compatibility (hopefully), or other mods that expand inventories. 
  • Configuration options for: Pickup radius size, and possibly recipe tweaks


DST Version

  • In progress (90% finished; just bug testing currently.) Complete!


Usage Suggestion: Item Farming

  • Place in between groups of entities that aggro on each other to harvest their drops automatically. For example: I use it in between rabbit hutches and spider nests to harvest silk, meat (monster and rabbit), and carrots. As long as it's not full, it will pick up any meat in range before any entities have the chance to eat it.
  • You can use this similarly around bees, merms, and many other things!


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Nice addition. It's also pretty helpful for farming eggs in winter. Pengulls lay eggs, leave them on the ground to wander about, then the chest sucks them up. All you have to do is go grab them, and poof! Instant food! Same goes for mass-producing specific seeds/eggs with a bird cage. xD

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