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  1. I was also wondering whether I can completely REMOVE a prefab from generating in the world by default?
  2. hey, I'm looking to lower the chances of certain prefabs to spawn in the world. I know that I can alter prefabs in modmain using AddPrefabPostInit, but I have no clue how to set custom generating chances on prefabs. For example, I'd want my mod to generate less rocks (rock_flintless prefab) in the world by default (with the option to configure the generating rate in the mod configurations window). Is there a possibility to create a different generating chance table for a prefab that doesn't come from the mod itself? I have a slight idea how I could code it, I just have no idea where to put the code (modmain or modinfo probably)
  3. I have tried that... I even deleted the entire swap_pan and remade it with the new image to see if it worked, but then still it stays the same size as last time. I'll try out the method you described and see if that works
  4. could you show me a picture of it then? I'm intending the pan to be almost as big as Wilson's head (just like a pickaxe). and as far as I was mentioning the "bigger image", the image of the pan is significantly smaller than the image of the pickaxe when Wilson is holding bot the items and I hope by recompiling you just mean saving the swap_pan anew?
  5. I enlargened the image after upscaling the image in spriter didn't work... that's why it's so big but I'm somewhat wondering. The image is as big as the example wand is. Whenever I equip a pickaxe I get a bigger image attached to the character. Is there anything in code that sets the size of the images for the character build?
  6. @corrosive it does sound quite logical to me that the item is put in the character's build... https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y3zt6sl9wmaanp/fryingpan.rar?dl=0 here's a download to my mod any help would be appreciated ^^
  7. correction: my image is as big as a gold vein in-game. so it's impossible that the image isn't auto-resized by something... I just can't figure out where it happens exactly....
  8. I had hoped that changing the scale in spiter would've worked... as the original image I'm using seems bigger than how it's shown in-game
  9. just one quick question... I want to upscale my swap_myitem. I adjusted the scale in spriter and the scml file states that the size is bigger than the original image, though in-game the size of the image doesn't change at all :S how can I fix this?